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Courage is showing up and letting ourselves be seen. - Brene Brown

Somatic Processing and Somatic Trauma Resolution

What does it mean to heal from the inside out?

Somatic Processing applies the most current, cutting-edge research in trauma therapy, while remaining rooted in wisdom approaches that reach back far into ancient forms of healing.  It is changing how we perceive, treat, and manage stress, nervous system disorders, and trauma. Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) is known for its safe, quick effectiveness in bringing change and healing within your mind/body/spirit.


This work helps the mind talk to the body, and vice versa so that the incomplete fight, flight, freeze,and fold responses have a chance to complete and get current with the present again. This allows for the stress hormones that have been cycling, many times without interruption for many years, to experience relief and eventually, with practice, successful rewiring. This is where healing becomes available. 

Healing issues related to shock and/or chronic stress, and simply learning to listen to your body, has many long-lasting benefits as one is again connected to their vital, core energy. One is again freed up for living life in order to experience:


*Improved relationships (including and starting with yourself) through greater capacity for connection with others 

*Improved immune function

*Hormonal balancing

*Increased energy, focus and stamina 

*Greater capacity for joy, compassion, patience, curiosity

*More satisfying intimacy 

*Better Sleep

*Better Digestion

*Weight loss / weight gain 

*Relaxed, natural breathing

*"Reset" inflammation response for less pain, better skin and overall better health 

*Raised creativity levels

*Greater sense of self-love, self-compassion, self-trust, self-understanding

*Huge leaps in self-empowerment

*Increased physical, mental and creative performance

*More joy and satisfaction with everyday experiences 

*More sustainable and deeper access to The Good Stuff In Life!


This work can be applied to many events and symptoms:

*Accidents or Falls 

*Relationship stress and chaotic relationship dynamics 

*Consistently shallow breathing/shortness of breath 

*Inability to relax and constant muscle tension

*Sensitivities and Intolerances to foods and chemicals

*Chronic indigestion

*Strong startle response to unexpected light, sound or touch

*Chronic pain and/or iIllness (especially which are not responding to treatment) 

*Avoidance of emotion by overuse of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, food, work, media, exercise, sugar, etc. 

*Feeling numb or blank

*Feeling spacey and unable to connect to what people are saying to you 

*Not being able to remember much about the past

*Extreme shyness or social anxiety; over-apologizing

*Extreme self-doubt / not in trust of your perceptions and intuition 

*Surgeries and medical interventions

*Parenting and bonding concerns

*Birth stress and trauma

*Birth planning / pregnancy stress 

*Flashbacks: re-experiencing past events through one or more senses (hearing, sight, emotions, body-felt sensation, etc.)

*Sense of Insurmountable Isolation

*Processes of grief and loss

*Abuse, Neglect, Assault


*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

*Autoimmune Symptoms

*Stage Fright and Finding One's Voice

*Natural disasters 

*Creative and/or Mental Blocks




*Eating Disorders

*Anger Management 

*Desire to Become "Unstuck" From Old Patterns 


Healing from these experiences and gaining insight and tools to manage stress can and should be gentle, and as slow as is needed to feel safe, empowered and supported. There is never a need to re-traumatize ourselves in order to heal. Feeling seen as healthy and whole in the midst of our challenges helps us to stay connected to the TRUTH of our health. Sometimes there are full memories of these events, and sometimes there are only symptoms. Resolution can be found in either case. 


Recommended Reading:
“In An Unspoken Voice, How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness,”
by Peter Levine
“Waking the Tiger,” by Peter Levine
“Healing Trauma,” by Peter Levine

"How to Trauma-Proof Your Kids," by Peter Levine


There are also many of his titles available on Audible, as well as many excellent YouTube videos available on his work. 

Healing from the inside out 

By Lalena Fischer

Could it be true that you as a conscious human being have the power to rewrite your cells, rewire your nervous system, and heal from the inside out?

What if, your human body has the intelligence and capacity to heal from past injuries, such as; developmental trauma, PTSD, Complex-PTSD, disorganized attachment, chronic anxiety, stress, and pain- Just to name a few?

Suppose long-standing health issues could be differently connected to unresolved past traumas and injuries. And if this is the case, imagine that your brilliant nervous system has the cleverness to resolve these past injustices on a felt sense/ physical level.

Mentally, its easy to say, “its over and Im ok,” however it is entirely different for the nervous system to have a felt sense of that resolve.

This is why certain sounds, smell, people, or even places can activate a sense of threat in a persons body, long after a injury has occurred; because on some level the nervous system still experiences a threat as if it is occurring now, even though it is in the past. That’s where somatic processing comes in, somatic processing empowers the nervous system to discharge trauma bound energy and have resolve once and for all.

When this resolve occurs, integration takes place, resiliency is enhanced, and vital energy comes back into the nervous system for greater health and wellness.

Experiencing somatic trauma resolution/ somatic processing, creates the opportunity to find your own answers, that emerge from your very own body’s inherent wisdom and health.  

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