Lalena Fischer

Courage is showing up and letting ourselves be seen. - Brene Brown


"I came to Lalena with severe shoulder and arm pain associated with a shoulder bone spur. Her therapeutic treatments helped me more than the traditional physical therapy I was in. I highly recommend her for not only body pain but also for self care massage. She is more than excellent! "-   Helene Van Manen, MCC 


"Lalena is amazing!!! She is a wonderful massage therapist who is extremely intuitive so she goes to those spots that need extra attention while still giving my whole body relief. I suffer with IBS, chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain and headaches. Finding Lalena changed my life. I could not function if I didn't have her!  Lalena keeps me going by helping me have less pain and also helps me feel overall more relaxed. She has her own special skill set that relieves my multiple areas of chronic pain, makes me feel as if I am truly cared for plus she is just a wonderfully loving human being who is genuine. I will never go without having massages from Lalena because my overall quality of life is so much better because of her amazing massages!!!!" - Janet Talbot


"To say that a massage from Lalena Fischer is extraordinary is an understatement. I can't really describe what happens under her hands, but I know it is a gift - one that goes deep.  I ask for massage when my body is out of balance or I simply want to take good care of myself. I don't have words to adequately describe the effects of a massage from Lalena Fischer. However Lalena's hands are infused with an intelligence and wisdom, I want all my friends to experience. This is a gift to give yourself or someone you care deeply about."   - David Armstrong

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